Cloud Offerings
While there are still valid reasons for using on-premise software and servers, many businesses are moving their applications and hosting to the cloud. Why? Because there are significant long-term benefits to cloud-based computing, including flexibility, disaster recovery, automatic updates, increased collaboration, security, document control and much more.

Instant Updates

  • Small- to medium-sized businesses have a lot going on, and keeping up with software updates, patches and licenses is just one more item that tends to get pushed further down the list.
  • With cloud applications, software licenses are easily configurable from a central dashboard and can even be managed remotely by your managed IT services provider.
  • Patches and updates can be applied automatically, saving you and your team time and effort that could be better spent researching new solutions to drive business growth.

Disaster Recovery

  • Keeping your business online 24/7/365 is a necessity as customers and employees alike have little patience for lack of access to critical data.
  • Cloud-based architecture, hosting and software provide needed flexibility to your disaster recovery and backup needs by giving you access to critical data when and how you need it, even in the case of an emergency.

Mobile Workforce

  • Today’s workers are interested in flexibility in both their schedules and the location from which they work. Provide them with the work-life balance that they need with increased collaboration and the ability to edit documents and data anytime and anywhere.
  • Cloud computing allows employees the ability to edit content no matter their location–as long as they have Internet access, they can be online and working efficiently.
  • Collaboration also equates to a need for additional security and control, two things at which cloud computing excels.
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