Cyber Security

The Cyber Security You Need – The Peace of Mind You Want

Cross Link is located in a veritable security mecca. Some of the world’s sharpest security experts are right here in the Augusta area.  As such, we measure our security practices against the highest standards held by government and security agencies.  Simply put, we have the expertise necessary to meet your cyber security needs. We are continually assessing our clients’ IT environments for compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, and DoD Directive 8570 and moving quickly to remediate any deficiencies. Securing your business is a vigilant pursuit – one which we are diligent to evolve week after week.

Cyber security is about protecting what is important!

  • Your sensitive data and trade secrets
  • Your reputation and the trust of your clients
  • Avoiding fines and reputation loss due to a negligent breach
  • Your company’s future, and the livelihoods of staff members

Some of the ways we help meet your security needs include:

  • Educating your employees to aid a secure posture in their behaviors and practices
  • Ensuring a robust firewall for your security
  • Configuring failover and failback for your data and applications
  • Managing your incoming traffic
  • Securing your wireless access points using encryption
  • Deploying and monitoring enterprise-grade antivirus for your protection
  • Implementing whitelisting and blacklisting protocols for your application

Periodic Penetration Testing

  Cross Link Consulting offers periodic penetration testing to evaluate the actual vulnerability exposure of your system so that we can better harden your partner networks. These assessments provide actionable intelligence which we use to remediate your risks and exposure. Peace of mind begins with a phone call! Call the Cross Link Consulting team today at  (803) 279-1100 or email us at in**@cr*****************.net to learn more with a free initial consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable team.