vCIO Services

Running a small to medium-sized business means your leadership team wears many hats.

Depending on your business model, you may be fortunate enough to have a full-time technology professional to keep everything running, but sometimes even that is a stretch. What do you do when you are blindsided by a large upgrade need, or when you become aware of an imminent disaster to productivity that requires tons of attention? This is the time when many business owners simply roll up their sleeves, put everything else to the side and attempt to tackle the project themselves.

There’s a Better Way to Work

While you may not be able to justify (or afford!) a Chief Information Officer, you may find that having someone available with a strong technology background and a focus on specific initiatives would actually save you money—simply by allowing you to continue to focus on key initiatives and by having new projects fully scoped out before your team commits… not to mention avoiding many of these blind spots to begin with! At Cross Link Consulting, we offer a vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) who will work closely with you as an extension of your leadership team.


How a vCIO Functions

Just as enterprise businesses have a CIO to support budgeting and planning processes and to drive new projects, your vCIO becomes a part of your team–someone who always keeps your overarching strategy and technology needs top-of-mind. Your vCIO is someone you can call on to help recommend and plan new technologies, to create and manage complex budgeting, and to take on project ownership. Our team excels at working with you to perform quarterly or semi-annual account reviews to be sure you’re getting the most value for your technology dollars as well.

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