Is Your Password Being Sold on the Dark web?
Dark Web

October 2, 2019

The Dark Web sounds like a super scary place where criminals go to do, well, criminal things. And, unfortunately, it is. Many banks are beginning to scan the Dark Web to look for signs that your information has been compromised and is being sold. When it reaches the Dark Web, it goes to the highest bidder. And if that happens, it could lead to some significant consequences for your finances, your identity, and your credit. The best way to stop your personal information from reaching those who seek to harm you is to have someone looking out for your passwords. And if you own a business, ensuring that all your employees are keeping your information safe is critical too! So, is your password being sold on the dark web?

Convenience Doesn’t Equal Security

Passwords are undoubtedly something that we all love to hate. With so many different websites to sign into, it can be difficult to remember various ones. And that is why most people use the same password across sites. Although that is super convenient; it poses a problem. If someone gets a hold of yours, they will most likely attempt to use it across sites to gain as much access as possible. And if you have used it for many different purposes, you are opening yourself up for some potentially disastrous fallout.

There are Ways to see if Your Password is Being Used on the Dark Web

There are software applications that allow you to peruse the Dark Web to see if one of your passwords has been detected. Obviously, if you use a password like “password,” then you aren’t going to gain that much information from doing a scan of the Dark Web. The password “password,” will be found without a doubt. If, however, you have a password that is specific to just you, and one that wouldn’t be found anywhere else, if you find it on the dark web, that is a sign of trouble.

How we Help Keep Your Passwords Safe

At Cross Link, we understand that once your password is compromised, it is just a matter of time. Soon all of your accounts will be vulnerable. We work with our clients to ensure that all members of your company have their passwords registered with us. And we are continually monitoring and checking to ensure that they aren’t showing up anywhere that they can do harm. When your unique password shows up on the Dark Web, and it is being bought or sold, we know immediately. That way, we can not only keep your information under lock and key; we ensure that everyone who works for you, likewise, is keeping things private.

We Make Sure Passwords Stay Safe!

Although remembering all the many passwords to sign into your various logins can be difficult, it is imperative that you take steps to keep would-be wrong doers out. And as a business owner, knowing that your employees are using the same safeguards as you is just as important. Allow us to ensure that your passwords aren’t being sold to the highest bidder and leaving you vulnerable. Contact us today to discuss how we can keep your passwords protected and monitor them to make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

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