Dark Web Might be the New Forum for Buying and Selling Hacking Tools Targeting Your Company
Hacking Tools

August 30, 2019

A study recently released by criminologists from the University of Surrey working with Bromium uncovered that the dark web might not just be a place where sensitive and private information is bought and sold, but that is might also be a place where hacking tools are available for sale. The study revealed that the dark web is quickly becoming one of the best sources for malware purchases that target particular industries and enterprises. Is your company’s data the next target for the dark web?

Could Dark Web Sellers be Working From the Inside?

What is most disturbing is that the sellers of the malware appear to have intimate and specific details about networks. Which raises the suspicion that many of the sellers have worked as a trusted security defender for corporations and companies. And also of concern is how easily someone who wants to hack into a company’s financial information, can do so. 

Who are the Dark web Sellers?

The researchers had interactions with more than 30 dark web malware sellers both on encrypted and non-encrypted channels. And what they found was that since 2016, there had been a 20 percent increase in the number of hacking tools sold on the dark web. The way that the malware is listed on the dark web is specific. And it also singles out companies and corporations by industry. One listing is called “nuke,” which is an indication of how incredibly serious the situation has become. 

Malware on the Dark Web can Take Over Your Information and Function Immediately

The malware sold on the dark web allows users to remotely open sessions to take over those machines that have it. And worse, it can override any firewall systems in place. 35% of the dark web listings were for tools that targeted specific banks, with 20% targeting commerce. Among the listings were malware tools for healthcare, media, and education. Mostly because they are slow to update their systems and keep them secure as it is. 

Buying Your Information is Cheap!

And over 60% of the sellers were offering access to business networks, some for less than $2. Researchers found that buyers could find malware that was specifically tailored to immediately compromise a particular network, its protection, and its functions.

Is Your Company the Next Target?

The dark web is a place where nefarious people go to do some pretty bad things. This report is the first to indicate that hackers can find all they want to compromise an industry’s system. And also that they have specific and intimate knowledge about the way to break into specific networks. 

At Crosslink Consulting, our mission is to ensure that our clients, and their clients’, information is secure by fighting against threats like Malware. Although we can’t stay ahead of every would-be attack, we can stay on top of cybercrime. And we can fight it by understanding how to keep your business safe from the dark web. Let us evaluate your system to ensure that you aren’t the next target for the dark web. Contact us today for more information. 

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