IT Managed Services, A Whole New Approach
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June 17, 2019

IT Managed Services, A Whole New Approach

How We Differ

When you use our company as an outsourcing IT specialist group, we might be “outsourced” but we are not on the outs. We consider ourselves a partner in your operations and in your success. Our goal is not to have things go wrong so we can come in and fix them. Cross Link Consulting’s mission is to secure your networks so that there isn’t a fix to be made at all. By staying a step ahead, we can save you downtime, loss of income and a whole lot of headaches.

The Difference is in Our Outlook on IT Managed Services

We approach the IT industry like medicine. We aren’t offering a cure, we are offering prevention. Where other companies wait to get a call that things have gone wrong, our hope is to never get a call that we have missed something and you have suffered for it. The break/fix model didn’t work for us and we know that it won’t work for you.


Personable, Knowledgeable and Humble

I would love to say that we have ALL the IT answers. But the reality is that no one can. Things change so fast that it is impossible to know it all. So, you shouldn’t ever feel stupid picking up the phone to ask about anything computer related. And we won’t tell you we have the answer if we don’t. But if we don’t and we tell you so, we won’t say “I don’t know”. What we will say is “I don’t know, but I will figure it out!”.


We Are An Extension of Your Business, Not a Separate Entity

For all practical purposes we aren’t a separate company, we are a partnership. When you work with the Cross Link team, you won’t have to call us to have things updated, we will show up to let you know that things need to be updated. That is why we are entirely different from other IT groups! Our managed IT services provides all the extras that break/fix operations don’t. When you call us, you get an answer. When you need us, we are here to help. And we don’t charge per “issue”. We hope that you never have an issue that interrupts your business. And the closer we work with you and your staff, the closer we’ll both get to ZERO issues.




Call us - We are Here to Help!

The secret to our success is having a different mindset than most of the IT industry. We don’t profit from your misery. We hope to gain from your satisfaction. And if you should need anything, we are available when you need us, not when it is convenient for us to come. We understand that your business can’t operate effectively without data and the use of technology so we make sure that it never has to. Contact us today to partner up and work toward success together with our IT managed services program.



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