Why you Need a Two-Factor Authentication System to Protect Your Data
2 Factor Authentication

August 22, 2019

Quite arguably, one of the best innovations that the new Apple iPhone X-series offers consumers is face recognition sign on. I don’t know a soul who isn’t tired of inputting a passcode for everything from secure data to their Walmart account. Passwords are not only easily forgotten; they are simple for hackers to figure out if they want to get into your personal accounts. So one of the suggestions that we often make to our customers is to install a two-factor authentication process. There are specific reasons that you need a two-factor authentication system to protect your data and your company or personal information.

What is a Two-Factor Authentication?

A multi-factor, or two-factor, authentication is when you have a two-step process to sign into your accounts. It involves an additional code that is time-sensitive for you to input. When a hacker can breach your password and login into your sensitive data, it then becomes fair game for them to peruse through. By adding a two-factor authentication, you get a one-time, time-sensitive code that is generated either through your cell phone or a particular app, which allows you to gain access, and only you. That way, even if a hacker has figured out your password, they still cannot get into your account.

Is Two-Factor Authentication Foolproof?

No, 2FA is not foolproof. But if you use it, then it is much harder for hackers to work their way in. And an SMS code authentication is still much more secure than not having any additional steps to access your information than your password. In May of this year, Google announced that after a year-long study, they found that 2FA SMS blocked up to 96% of phishing attempts and as many as 76% of targeted ones when hackers were trying to crack their way into Google accounts.

So how do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Some programs come equipped with a 2FA system, like Google. And although it might seem like a pain to go through the additional steps, it can help to save your company or personal data. If you leave your password as the only line of defense, you might be granting access to a malicious entity that is trying to take advantage of you. Other programs that don’t come with 2FA can have an additional process put on them using apps that we are well familiar with and trust.

Protect Yourself Against a Cyber Attack

If you are using systems at your home or office that don’t have a two-factor authentication step, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to a cyber attack. Although for some insignificant things a simple password might suffice, when it comes to financial or sensitive information, until face recognition or other forms of self-identification are available, it is imperative that you install a second way to stop hackers from getting in.

And even for accounts that you don’t think you care about if someone accesses, you would be surprised what type of information they can gain, helping the bad guys get into more of your accounts. Let Cross Link Consulting do an evaluation of your system to ensure they are secure, which might include installing a two-factor step. Contact us today to make sure that you and your business systems are safe from threats out of Russia and China! A two-factor authentication system to protect your data is just one of the tools we have up our sleeves.

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